Arthur Becker Riding High in the Real Estate Business

Incorporating technology in business is the key to success. Arthur Becker believes and rides on this in his real estate business. His business interests include property, biotechnology, information technology, arts, and fashion.

Arthur started his career journey as the CEO of NaviSite, a company that used to provide internet technology services among them hosting cloud-based applications for businesses. He later moved on to Zinio LLC the largest digital newsstand in the world as the chairman and CEO. He started off as a private investor after leaving NaviSite, venturing into real estate and information technology.

Arthur amassed expertise and knowledge on real estate and biotechnology from working with Zinio and Navisite to start his business. His initial investments involved the development of condominiums in Miami and New York City. Experience with evolving biotechnology investments and the desire to make a significant and positive impact on human population widened his scope of investments to embrace technology. Currently, Arthur works as the managing partner of Madison Partners, a company dealing with real estate business and development of biotechnology ventures.

For seven years, Arthur worked as a consultant and senior advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company. A company in the fashion industry, Arthur’s interest for fashion and art started developing. The experience accompanied by his entrepreneur mind continues to grow with Arthur posting his deep interest for the two on his profile.

Within the short period been in business, Arthur has managed numerous developments. Currently, he is working on the final stages of building several town houses on Sullivan Street in New York. He is also working on plans to develop and construct luxurious residential condominiums in Tribeca.

Arthur attributes his success to organization and coordination. In his line of business, he is required to work with different experts and talented individuals with ideas and expertise in the industry. He loves to oversee various stages in the development of his projects, a factor he acknowledges to be exciting. He asserts that working on these projects equip him better for the ever-evolving industry and a platform to ride higher on its success.

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