Understanding Avaaz and Its Global Responsibilities

Avaaz is a rights organization established in January 2007 to advocate on various issues like human rights, poverty, corruption, conflict, animal rights and also climate change.  The organization is based in the United States and was co-founded by Res Publica. Res Publica is a group of professionals in different fields who were interested in promoting good leadership and inclusive democracy.

Leadership at Avaaz

Ricken Patel serves as the executive director and president of Avaaz. The Canadian-British citizen studied at Oxford University, Bristol College for a degree in PPE (politics, philosophy, economics). Later, Ricken did his postgraduate in Public Policy at Harvard University. The executive of Avaaz previously worked for International Crisis Group in different parts of the world such as Liberia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Sudan. These areas were faced with conflict when Ricken worked there, and he learnt how to engage with rebel forces and agree to negotiate with authority or other rebels.

Funding of Avaaz

Since 2009, Avaaz rejected to be funded with amounts exceeding $5,000 from companies and foundations. Instead, the organization relies on generous donations from individual members who have so far contributed more than $20 million.

Global Campaigns of Avaaz

The global campaigns of the organization are overseen by a group of campaigners from 30 plus nations including UK, Brazil, Lebanon, India, and many more. The campaigners communicate with other members via emails, where they use available online platforms to advocate for various rights being violated. The organization uses its members to champion for different campaigns, while being supported and guided by groups of specialists. Basically, the objective of Avaaz is to support progressive causes like advocating for global support for migrants and refugees.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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  • Felicia Sam says:

    Before 2009, the association depended on different establishments to finance its start-up and operational expenses. The Guardian, an exceptionally well known print media around the globe sees Avaaz as the biggest dissident system internationally. It is very good that uk essay would do everything that they want which might not be far from the truth and I like it that way too.

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