Success Academy’s Approach to Learning Leads to Higher Scores

The unique methods that Success Academy schools use are contributing to the high grades and high test scores that students of the schools achieve. The charter school network has 41 Success Academy schools through out New York City, in all boroughs except for Staten Island. The schools range from elementary to high school. The unique learning approach of the school starts from the beginning, at the elementary school level.


Because the schools function as one system, information about students is transmitted seamlessly across the juncture of elementary school to middle school, and again from middle school to high school. The teachers and administrators believe that in order to best prepare a student for college and life, the preparation should start the minute the student enters into elementary school. The staff uses a holistic approach, and is sure to consider social-welfare as an integral part to education.



Within the Success Academy schools, there is a focus on not only knowledge but also critical thinking. The teachers are trained to help their students think for themselves, and develop a sense of independence and ownership over their education. As this begins for a child, the teachers and staff collaborate to share information about a students abilities, successes, challenges, and learning styles as they move from one grade to the next.


A student is expected to develop a level of self-advocacy as they advance in their educational career. A sense of self-advocacy can be an important trait to develop, but is often shut down in environments that do not nurture it. For this reason, SA schools encourage the scholars to speak up and advocate for themselves and others. This valuable skill has been shown to contribute to success in college and beyond. The Success Academy values and learning models are unique, and so far they have been proving to be very effective. The school’s test score ratings are high within the New York State system of ranking. As word about the unique learning model spreads, more and more families apply for spots within the school system. The school plans to open two new locations within New York City this year.



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