Securus Technologies – One of the Best Correctional Technology Firms in the Industry Today

Securus Technologies is one of the market leaders in the correctional sphere and has been so since the company started its operations in 1986. The company has been on a rapid expansion spree in the past few years and has acquired many small scale correctional firms to expand its business territory as well as outreach in the industry. The company is known for its effective range of prison products and services at low cost as well as the investigative solutions it provides. The company caters to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers, and its services are backed by attentive customer service, which has workforce strength of over 1,000 customer care executive.


Securus Technologies has ensured over the years that the quality of its services remain consistent, which is why it has been able to garner so much appreciation in the industry. Securus Technologies has for years been one of the leaders in the correctional technology, and it is primarily due to the company’s focus on research and development. It has enabled the company to develop some of the most cutting edge technologies in the correctional sphere. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies are among the best in the industry. The company has won the Gold Stevie Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards given in the corroborate world to honor excellence in service.


Securus Technologies also offers investigative solutions that are very popular among the law enforcement officers. The company recently published a web release, where it shared the content of the letters written to the company by the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers feel that the investigative solutions and services offered by Securus Technologies such as LBS and Investigative Pro would help in making communities safer, and much better.


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  • Karlee Rodney says:

    In what look like a dramatic turn, the correctional facilities that was once a den of hell is now experiencing peace. Many people have been wondering what is the cause of this sudden turnaround. This relationship starters blog believes it all started when Securus Technologies came in with their effective range of prison products which has allowed them monitor the activities of the inmates without the knowledge of the inmates.

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