Health Capital Investment, A Specialty Of Jim Tananbaum

Tananbaum was listed as number 52 in the latest release of Forbe’s Midas list. Widely known as a great investor, Mr. Jim Tananbaum is currently the C.E.O of Foresite Capital, and he has acquired a wealth of experience with a career spanning 25 years. Jim has a great focus and passion for health improvement. That is basically why health franchises hold him in high regard, and he is considered to be the cornerstone of change and progress in the health sector.

According to, his modus operandi is based on strategy, calculated moves, and timeliness in the realm of business ventures. He has founded various franchises such as GelTex, which in turn has introduced two drugs into the market and accumulating over $1.6 billion dollars in sales. He is also behind the successful investment strategy in Foresite Capitals, which is reaping benefits to a tune of $1.1 billion annually, claims He heads NASDAQ, a company that has reached the epitome of success by garnering over $2 billion.

Other health franchises in which he has directly invested include Jazz Pharmaceuticals and the Ameri group. The institutions have made significant strides in the global market and are so far considered to be successful in their right. Mr. Jim Tananbaum has been tasked with a great opportunity of sitting on the advisory board at Yale School of Engineering, where he does mentorship on the importance of investment in a timely fashion. Likewise, he has invested both directly and indirectly in many health institutions and about 80 have benefited from his engagements.

Mr. Jim Tananbaum has a great wealth of education background and he holds a master’s degree from Yale University. The credentials that he obtained from the above institutions imparted in him the great knowledge that is currently helping to change the health sector, for the betterment of the future generations.

Mr. Jim’s systematic approach to the pseudo modern world has made him become a respected person. Jim has played a huge role in ensuring that the society can be able to benefit from the undying efforts of men and women who have stepped out of their comfort-zones, for better intentions in as far as health is concerned.


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  • Giana Briggs says:

    Working on so much and considering perfect result is rarely done and I like how Jim focuses on the financial areas in health. Particularly the being notorious is one that gets into many people and shows the advantage fully. In the ways that this has been great I think no much more could be done in education as much as this level.

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