How Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines Has Been Successful In Business

As the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson took over a family business with a rich tradition in the winery business. Her company has a number of successful wine brands and has vineyards in countries around the world with the ability to grow grapes that can be used to grow fantastic wine. The company she leads is best known for Kendall-Jackson but that is just a small part of what they produce to the enjoyment of their fans and customers and more information click here.

In order to prepare for her eventual leadership of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson went to Scripps College in order to earn a degree. After earning her degree in studio art at this college she then attended Stanford Graduate School of Business where she successfully completed a general management certificate program. This enabled her to join the company first as its spokesperson and then as the head of the company.

Under Julia Jackson’s leadership, her company Jackson Family Wines produces a number of different wine brands. Among these is Château Lassègue which is produced in France as well as Tenuta di Arceno which is grown in a historically rich part of Tuscany in Italy. They have groves of grapes around the world in wine producing nations such as South Africa, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, and North America.

As socially responsible people, Julia Jackson and her sister established a charity organization called Cambria Seeds to Empowerment. It is hard for women to break into the executive levels of corporations in general but especially in the wine industry in which they work. This organization was created to recognize financially those women who have achieved great things regardless of that and have overcome the adversity that they face. Each year this charity grants $100,000 in cash to one woman who has been an inspiration in accomplishing something great and learn more about Julia Jackson.

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