Do Clients who use Securus Have Positive reviews about them?

Securus Technologies is an inmate telecommunications company which was established in 1986 to serve the growing monitoring and other communication needs of the correctional facilities. When the company started, they found an environment that was ruled by chaos, dismal service delivery, and disastrous customer support. However, they have managed to turn the situation around and today; the correctional facilities are no longer what they used to be.


One of the clients who has used the services offered by Securus stated that when they started out, they were not sure that the company would deliver. Their loved one had overheard a conversation about weapons being smuggled into the correctional facility to commit a crime. When the information was passed along to the securities, they put in place monitoring devices. The weapons were intercepted before they could get into the correctional facilities and thus crime was averted.


The other customer needed a situation whereby they could communicate with their incarcerated loved one, but they were out of the state. The company helped them set up one of the fastest and most reliable video call setups, and it was now easy to keep in touch with their loved one in the facilities. There was also a case where they were able to do satellite monitoring to a rogue employee, uncovering a drug and contraband syndicate. The evidence was used to arrest the person and charge them in a court of law.


These are the glowing reviews and recommendations which have led to the company attaining a BBB certification. The company has also stayed true to their goal, which was to make the correctional facilities safer, but at the same time to ensure that the cells were a little bit more humane than a small empty room with a bed. This company is destined for massive success.


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  • Yaretzi Parker says:

    Securus Technologies have always placed a premium on customer satisfaction. No doubt provides security solutions to staff as inmates using their services can be monitored. Their services are also affordable.