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Do you need help caring for an older relative or relatives? Do you know someone who is struggling with dementia? Maybe you know someone that suffers from neurological issues or some other brain injury? Or perhaps you know someone that suffers from profound multiple learning disabilities? (PMLD) There are people that can help you, and at Sussex Health Care it’s what they do.

At Sussex Health Care it’s their goal to provide the best attention and support as they possibly can to their patients. Their program Care for the Elderly aims to provide the most relaxing and peaceful environment while still attending to any and every needs that you or your loved one may have. With all the activities they have there is always something to do as well. They also employ professionals from many backgrounds that can provide different therapies. For those suffering from dementia, there are many hands-on activities to foster physical and mental well-being such as art, cooking, crafting, and more. The staff takes a dedicated, but respectful approach to suit the needs of each individual.

Those that suffer from various neurological afflictions will find comfort and sanctuary with Sussex Health Care as well. They have both the facilities and therapists needed on site to provide the care you need. Sussex Health Care became accredited in 2002 by the Health Quality Service, then in 2003 they gained the Investors in People Standard. In 2005 they earned the International Standard ISO of 9000:2000. With this, Sussex Health Care is the only care provider in the United Kingdom that has earned both awards. At Sussex Health Care, they realize that living well is more than just being healthy. They also place an emphasis on community as well as recreation. The post for Sussex Health Care shows an abundance of enthusiasm and diligence possessed by their staff. It is described as a fun, comfortable, caring, heartwarming, and rewarding establishment to work for. Located in West Sussex at Tylden House Dorking Road Warnham Nr Horsham West Sussex

RH12 3RZ, if you wish to contact them their telephone number is 01403 217 338. Or you can contact them by email at for general inquiries.

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