Josh Smith: Reno, Nevada, Entrepreneur/Advocate Aims to Inspire Kids’ Passion for Health and Sustainability

Seventh-grade student-gardeners at High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada, recently got a big surprise: a brand-new modular greenhouse from local entrepreneur Josh Smith, CEO and founder of startup Modular Greenhouses, and from local Great Full Gardens Cafe. Also included in the donation was a $3,200 check for planters, seeds, and soil. With Smith’s help, the kids were able to erect the greenhouse on High Desert’s property during his visit. The Reno, Nevada, businessman also donated a greenhouse to the Boys & Girls Club. Smith’s goal is to donate a greenhouse to every school in Nevada’s Washoe County by 2020.
Josh Smith’s idea for the revolutionary modular greenhouse occurred when he couldn’t find one on the market that met his Reno, Nevada, property restrictions. So he set out to design one for himself. The result: a highly adaptable structure that meets the needs of most home and community gardeners, with the option of ordering pre-sized or custom houses that can be added to as needs change.

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Josh Smith has more than 17 years’ experience in global operations and has launched several ground-breaking companies in various industries. He is passionate about the health and sustainability benefits of home- and locally-grown organic produce. Smith’s global experience and vision, combined with his health advocacy, has spurred him to find a way to tackle a huge and pressing global issue: food poverty.

Smith created a non-profit as part of Modular Greenhouses to bring greenhouses and gardening programs to K-12 schools throughout the U.S. He fervently believes in giving children a health foundation; by teaching kids (and adults) to grow their own organic produce, they will be able to control their own health and that of their families, making them more self-reliant and less dependent upon an often-unhealthy, industrialized, and sometimes unreliable food system.

Josh Smith’s greenhouse and gardening donations to students in Reno, Nevada, is his first step towards his ultimate goal of helping children worldwide achieve a healthy start and eventual self-reliance through locally-grown, organic food.

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