Michael Lacey is a Renowned American Mathematician

In life, change is inevitable and so are numbers. In your day to day activities, you will be encountered by scenarios requiring various measures in terms of quantities, structures, qualities or even evaluation of space we live in. Accuracy is very key therefore, to have the parameters right. It is for this reason that mathematics become quite crucial.

As a study, many people have considered it a challenging course but not for Michael Thoreau Lacey. Born in 1959, Michael is a renowned Mathematician in America. He has extensive knowledge in this field over the years, with a marked Ph.D. qualification in 1987 from University of Illinois.

During this time, Lacey was closely supervised by Walter Philipp, a man who would hold his hand through various achievements in the field. Together, they brought to live the Central limit Theorem while working at University of North California.

He is known for several breakthroughs in mathematics. For instance, he was able to crack the solution to the law of the iterated logarithm in empirical functions. His great interest in probability has seen him dedicate his studies in the field. This also applies to ergonic theory, Banach spaces and harmonic analysis. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

In 1989, Michael joined the elite team of professionals in Indiana University. It was during this time that he was presented with a fellowship through the National Science Foundation (NSF). His work here was also marked with a new study of bilinear Hilbert transform. With support and teamwork of Christoph Thiele, Lacey managed to crack the problem leading to an award of Salem Prize.

Michael Lacey would later leave Indiana University for Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996. As a professor of Mathematics, Michael Lacey is known for his teamwork in his research and various publications. Through his teamwork with Xiaochun Li, Michael was able to get a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004. Barely 8 years later he was a proud fellow in American Mathematical Society.

Over the years, Michael has supported many undergraduate and graduate students. He has also worked closely with NSF overseeing grants such as VIGRE and MCTP. Many of these graduates have since joined the world of academia in mathematics with some thriving in various industrial sectors.

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