Securus Technologies Changed Officer Routines in Prison

As far back as I can remember when I began working as a corrections officer for the prison system in New Mexico, my day consisted of routines that would help to maintain a degree of order and safety for all. Not only am I trying to keep myself safe, but I have to be watching the backs of my fellow officers, inmates, guests, and any staff that has to conduct business behind the prison walls. Now add into the mix that we are severely outnumbered by the inmates, and it can make for a volatile situation each day. Routines help my team to be able to conduct business and keep things moving along orderly.


When we met with Securus Technologies last year, we assumed it was to be trained on their new inmate telephone monitor. Unlike how we used to have to manually sit in a room and listen to the inmates using the jail phone, now the LBS software does all the monitoring and me and my fellow officers could get back to work. Instead of us setting aside time to be in that room, we have the ability to fight crime on two fronts simultaneously now. Securus Technologies installed that system in 2,509 jails across the country.


Now that we are able to focus more on what goes on in the jail, when we get those call alerts from the LBS software, we get excited. Rather than having to deal with an inmate high on drugs, a gang dispute in the yard, or an inmate selling contraband to other inmates, the LBS software tips us off and we get way ahead of the trouble to the point that we eliminate it before it comes to a head.