Chamber Honors Ricardo Guimarides, President of Banco BMG

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Businessman and President of BMG, Ricardo AnnesGuimarães, a native of Belo Horizonte, received the diploma of Honor to Merit from City Hall, on April 18, at the request of councilman Daniel Nepomuceno (PSB). LéoBurguês de Castro (PSDB), President of the House, opened the ceremony before transferring the chairing of the meeting over to his colleague.

After opening by the President of the House, Daniel Nepomuceno took the lead in the meeting, saying it was “a great honor” to honor Ricardo Guimarães, for being “one of the entrepreneurs who invests the most in sports in Brazil”, and also for “support and help” in his career, and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Léo Bourgeois recalled that in 2004 Guimarães was awarded the Great Collar of Legislative Merit, and declared his satisfaction in “opening the doors of this House” to again pay homage to the businessman, this time in an individualized way. The parliamentarian also highlighted he was responsible for constructing the Training Center of the “Rooster”, considered one of the best equipped facilities in the country.

State deputy Fred Costa highlighted the “vast curriculum” of the honoree, calling him a “patron of the national sport” since, in addition to football, Guimarães also invests in Olympic gymnastics, tennis and volleyball. According to Costa, for the businessman that “his sponsorship sports contributes to the social development of the country.” The deputy also highlighted the investments of Guimarães in the Baleia Hospital and the São Vicente de Paula Foundation.

Representing Governor Anastasia, Deputy Governor Alberto Pinto Coelho stated that “this well-deserved tribute crowns the saga of an important family, that is committed to the development of the sport.” Then the President of the House read the terms of the diploma and handed it to the honoree, along with Daniel Nepomuceno, who, stricken by Fred Costa, still gave Ricardo Guimarães a plaque, and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.



Ricardo Guimarães thanked the “gentleness” of councilman Daniel Nepomuceno and said that his family and professional roots are in Belo Horizonte. He said he was honored to continue the tradition started by his grandfather and said BMG is the bank that invests most in sports and athletes.

The businessman highlighted the mining capital as “test market for any business segment,” which he said “which we are able to confirm through activities consolidated by BMG and exported to other states.”

Note: BMG is a private financial institution controlled by the PentagnaGuimarães Family. The family has been part of the Brazilian financial industry since 1930, when it created Banco de CréditoPredial S.A. (later known as Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.), a commercial bank with products for individuals and legal entities. (Source: Wikipedia)