This Review Says It All About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV has received many reviews. They have helped companies of all sizes get the word out about their products, services and other information. One of the company’s they’ve helped was Steelseries, who gave NewsWatch TV a rave review that proves NewsWatch is a great company.

In their review, Steelseries, which is a headphone and electronics company, mentioned how it wanted to promote their gaming controllers and headphones. They sought out NewsWatch TV’s help and as a result the company (NewsWatch) produced a few reviews on those products. Steelseries had a simple goal, which was to get their products in front of as many potential customers as it possibly could.

The results was better than expected. Steelseries reviews reached over 90 million homes throughout America. Tori Pugliese, the senior director of marketing at the company, said working with NewsWatch was an great experience. Pugliese continued to say it was a pleasure to work with a group that has a good understanding of how PR works. She finished by saying Steelseries saw amazing distribution.

What Is NewsWatch TV

It is a long-running television show that focuses around consumer news, sponsored consumer product reviews, mobile app reviews, government news and breaking medical news to name a few. The format is best described as being consumer, entertainment and technology focused. The show has been going on since 1990 and it airs on Monday mornings on various TV channels, including Ion Television affiliates and the AMC Network.

NewsWatch has offices located throughout the cities of New York, Denver and Fairfax. Its headquarters is located in Washington, DC. As for who owns NewsWatch, that would be Bridge Communications.