Jose Hawilla – The Man Behind Traffic

Entrepreneurs are people who do not need bosses because they work for themselves and exhibits the following characteristics:

Risk Takers

Since entrepreneurs do not work for any boss and are not sure on how to get a regular paycheck then they are considered risk takers. They only have their own skills to rely on and even if failure is imminent they still decide to continue their undertaking.


Every business small or large, successful or not begins with an idea. Being able to come up with fresh ideas that could be developed and enhanced as the business grows is a vital characteristic of an entrepreneur.


While most would trudge to work and be at the office from 8 am to 5 pm just to get a regular paycheck and put food on the table, an entrepreneur is more inclined to start a business even without any form of remuneration during the early parts of the business. What motivates them is the challenge of being able to start something new and watch it grow.

Leadership Skills

Every business will experience downtimes and uptimes, so it is important that an entrepreneur is able to motivate his/her workers to move forward despite the struggles, as this will earn him/her the respect and trust of others. Being a leader likewise require good communication skills to be able to deal properly with clients, investors or employees. Check out to see more.


Business dealings must be done with the proper amount of ethical transparency where either lying or cheating will account for the downfall of the business.

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian born entrepreneur who started his career as a sports journalist for 10 years. After his career in the sports media, Jose Hawilla and three partners bought Traffic. They started by posting advertisements at bus stops. After some time, the company started to publicly sell advertisement on publicity boards inside stadiums making the enterprise successful.

Traffic was responsible for negotiating Nike’s contract of sponsorship for the Brazilian National Team. At the moment the company holds the trade rights of the World Cup Qualifiers as well as the Copa America. You can follow their Twitter page.

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