Emigrants from Ireland, Mary Ann McNulty, and James Larkin gave birth to Jim. He became their second eldest son. The two coming from County Armagh found that England was a better place to live in. however, this did not turn out as they had expected when they finally landed in the slums of the region. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography

A school was mandatory for children, and James Larkin could not remain home, even though his parents were impoverished. There were many poor families like the Larkin family. Some were even poorer, but struggling to survive was never a request, but it was essential.

Seven-year-olds like Larkin who did not have much of theirs back at home learned to work while they were in school. This was not so rare an arrangement to come by. This is because struggling families needed all the help they could get.

Aid from a family member who had learned the importance of education could in no way be turned down.

James Larkin worked this way for several years, and this became part of his life. He neither complained nor did he feel bad because he did it for a good reason. When we have a purpose in life, then everything we do stops feeling like a burden and begins to feel like it is a necessity.

Working for the young Jim was a necessity. His family needed such hard work and patience. They also needed money, and all that money could buy in the quest for survival.

James Larkin then left and found his way into one of his heart’s growing desires, which was trade unionism. Trade unionism during those times was not so effective because many people did not know how important it was. Those who knew did not care so much, and others ignored this fact.

However, those like James Larkin would then join organizations and unions like NUDL and struggle until their deaths. Among the people that shared this ideology was James Larkin’s sworn friend and also partner in the formation of the Irish Labor Party, James Connolly. In England, there was not much for them to live for, but the struggle for a better life.

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