Enhanced Athlete Dominates Fitness and the Courtroom

Nutrition Distribution LLC recently lost in their lawsuit against the company Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution was convinced that Enhanced Athlete was doing something illegal. Nutrition Distribution sued the company for false advertisement.


Enhanced Athlete is a company that strives to improve the physical capabilities of their users. Products the build pounds of muscle, torch body fat, and sky rocket athletic performance. The products go especially well alongside Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. The coaching aspect allows optimal usage of products for optimal results. Meanwhile, Enhanced Gear makes the journey of total body athleticism more easily digestible. Gear encouraging individuals to truly perform.


Nutrition Distribution has sued over 70 different lawsuits filed against other companies. By sending cease and desist letters as well, the company asks for small settlement checks. With each settlement check they may receive just to hush up the companies continued barking, Nutrition Distribution has the potential to make strong earning. An earning that has nothing to do with their business tactics or sales potential. It is often much cheaper to just pay the small settlement fees that spend money in defense of the alleged claims.


Nutrition Distribution is a leader in supplying legitimate performance enhancing products. The basis for their many claims against these many companies is simply. When a company presents a product that is similar and it does well. This lowers the sales of Nutrition Distribution. Nutrition Distribution then claims that since the advertising is false it effects sales for their company as consumers spend their dollars elsewhere. However, this time the claims were against company Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete believes and claims that the efforts of Nutrition Distribution are only that of a bully. To annoy companies to continually pay small portions of their hard earned money through the manipulation of how the law operates. With cases and lawyer fees being so high, companies typically fold and give in. Enhanced Athlete is not one of these companies.


CEO of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, is convinced that his company Enhanced Athlete will not succumb to the threats and bullying of Nutrition Distribution. He believes if he can win the cases against Nutrition Distribution that it will stop the shakedown of small companies. And with success, attorney Michael Adams of Rutan and Tucker LLP won the case. Through their lack of evidence Nutrition Distribution could not link the causality between low sales and alleged false advertising.