Doe Deere – Article recap

Doe Deere is the pastel haired CEO of Lime Crime cosmetic company. It is a sure bet that the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the cosmetic company receives a lot of attention because of her very extravagant looks. Certainly, Doe Deere is a leader and never a follower in all walks of life. Her makeup company was the first to sell their products exclusively online. Her makeup company was one of the first to introduce bold and dazzling colors in their makeup line to the online world. Lime Crime is also the first to suggest that makeup is a creativity tool and not a tool to hide imperfections.


Getting Started

The Russian born entrepreneur, Doe Deere, migrated to the United States during her teen years. During that time Deere concentrated on designing clothing and creating an independent clothing line that was sold exclusively online. Clearly, Deere always had the entrepreneurial spirit inside of her and was eager to express her talent to the world. It was during her clothing design phase that she decided to create her own makeup line to match her clothing line. The fact was this was out of necessity. Deere relates that it was almost impossible to find makeup that matched her clothing lines bold colors.


The Lime Crime Unicorn Mascot

Of course, many are curious about Doe Deere’s makeup line mascot. Doe Deere relates that she’s always had a fascination for storybook creatures and fantasy colors. Both are built on fantasy and creative imagination. She wanted to create a makeup line that was truly imaginative, creative, and fun for people. Doe Deere selected a fantasy creature, the unicorn, for the company’s mascot. The unicorn is an imaginative, fun, bold, and beautiful creature. The perfect representative for Lime Crime cosmetics, relates Deere.


Selling Lime Crime Products

Of course, most of Doe Deere’s competitors were in national retail stores. However, this entrepreneur decided to sell her products exclusively online. The intensely bold, vegan and cruelty free makeup was a hit with the online crowd. Today, her makeup line is sold in retail stores across the country too.


About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is the makeup line that quickly revolutionized the way that women and men look at makeup. At one time, the cosmetic world was filled with drab or neutral colors that were clearly understated. However, Lime Crime introduced bold and beautiful colors that were very imaginative and allowed the wearer to show their creativity and unique personality through the colors.


Lime Crime developed a very faithful cult following online. Soon, the makeup company was an even bigger hit on the social media sites. The little unicorn followers uploaded their pictures wearing the makeup to share with other little unicorn followers. It is safe to say that Lime Crime cosmetics and Doe Deere are real life trail-blazers that carved the way for a new reality with cosmetics. They definitely shook up the cosmetic world. It is also important to note that all the cosmetics produced by Lime Crime are vegan and cruelty free.


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