Newfound Importance in Health Care IT with Drew Madden

Think of quality medical information technology as a pair of really awesome running shoes for your business. This will likely be the latest upgrade that CVS will reach for if their connection with Aetna is successful, and the reason for this move has many reasons for being:

  1. CVS wants to provide health care services right inside its own premises, which will expand upon their current in-store offerings and make them a convenient one-stop shop for clients who need prescriptions filled, health insurance and general goods all in one place.
  2. Amazon is trying to gain traction in the medical industry by applying for licenses that permit the sale and distribution of medically related equipment, and they might be aiming for the legal power to do the same with prescription medications in the near future.
  3.  By expanding on their reasons to embrace a more powerful information technology outfit, they’ll hopefully gain more traction on the Internet with their goods and services, which is where the sage and counsel of Drew Madden will become all-important.

There are great and not-so-great characteristics of a capitalistic system where one business has free range of motion to cannibalize others that can’t keep up; it’s Darwinism for entrepreneurs, and you could think of it as a game of sorts. This is Battleship between Amazon and CVS that we’re currently witnessing, and it’s beautiful because of the possibilities that it’ll open up for clients everywhere. For now, CVS is trying to get a grip on a new dimension of service provision that can’t yet be matched by the retail-only colossus, that being health insurance.

If CVS hopes to win this battle and hold the fort, they’ll certainly need to make adjustments to how their information technology is handled. That means back-end upgrades in addition to front-end support nodes to match Amazon’s level of convenience but with all the efficiency of a narrowly focused entrepreneurial beam on the medical industry in particular. If CVS is thinking what we are, Drew Madden is about to become the man of the hour once more as his legendary strategies will be tested against none other than the largest online retailer in the world.