Paul Herdsman’s Entrepreneurial Wisdom

As chief operating officer and co-founder of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman knows that starting and running a successful business is challenging, and that it takes knowledge, dedication, and good old fashioned hard work to make it all possible. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Herdsman now lives in Florida, and NICE Global operates out of Montego Bay in Jamaica.


A business solutions company, Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global offers a great deal of services for its clients, including lowering overhead and increasing revenue, retaining customers, technical support and after-hours support, in addition to a particularly well-received service: ensuring that customers calling in to clients’ businesses get to talk to a live person instead of a machine.


NICE Global’s success was no coincidence. Herdsman shares his Effective Business Strategies which he has learned in building up a prosperous company.


Happy Employees

It helps a company to retain employees, thus it is vital to make employees feel like they are part of something greater than just a cog in the machine. Herdsman believes in creating a positive “work family” culture in which employees really do feel like part of a family.


Investing In Your People

Giving your employees thorough training and developing their skills will in turn benefit your company tremendously. Paul Herdsman makes sure all employees are well-trained, and also gives them opportunities for continuous education throughout their career.


Rewarding Performance

Paul Herdsman uses performance indicators to reward hardworking employees. This way employees are rewarded based on true productivity.


Mutual Understanding and Finding Good People

Herdsman makes sure that all employees at every level understand each other’s roles. This fosters greater cooperation and teamwork. In addition, NICE Global has an employee referral program to ensure that the company hires the best people it can.


Problem Solving

A business that solves customers’ problems will become successful. Clients always need solutions, thus great problem solvers will become highly successful.


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