Adam Milstein Discusses 5 Ways to Break Into Real Estate Management

Well known real estate broker and philanthropist, Adam Milstein, recently participated in a networking event where he discussed several ways for interested individuals to break into the real estate management industry. Milstein stated that he was passionate about seeing new people in this field because it is very lucrative and can provide stable career options to thousands of Americans. The broker discussed his own immigration to the United States and the opportunity he was afforded to pursue a financially and socially stable life for his wife and children. The businessman listed the acquisition of capital, education, knowledge of successful brokers, networking, and maintaining a positive outlook as the top 5 ways to be successful at breaking into the real estate industry.


Acquire Capital

Adam Milstein stated that the acquisition of capital was a primary goal to a new real estate agent. In order to begin a new business, the individual must acquire enough wealth to realistically operate the business for at least a year with no substantial returns. Milstein recommended saving money from outside sources or even continuing to work full time at another place of employment while beginning the business.


Acquire Education

Adam Milstein stated that prior to his employment with Hager Pacific Properties, he earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. The successful broker credits a lot of his preparation for the real estate industry to the University.


Acquire Knowledge of Successful Brokers

Milstein also emphasized the importance of learning from successful real estate brokers. Aside from his formal education, Adam Milstein stated that he gathered a great deal of knowledge from watching successful brokers in practice. He recommended that new agents make a priority of attaining mentorship from established brokers until they gain expertise.



Networking is also pivotal to the new real estate broker. Milstein suggested that newcomers attempt to create or attend at least 4 to 5 networking events each month.


Maintaining a Positive Outlook

Finally, Milstein discussed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. The broker stated that brokers with a positive outlook about the industry almost always achieved greater success than their negative counterparts.