The Success of Dr. Erick Forsthoefel

Currently, in the society doctors are mushrooming every day making it difficult to keep track of them. Thus as a result of an increase of health care providers within the market, it may be difficult to identify the qualified and competent doctors. Nevertheless, knowing if the doctor is qualified and competent is easy since all you need is to login into the system and access all the detail. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of the genuine and most promising young doctors who has created a significant impact on the community. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a critical care specialist in Florida where he is an affiliate of Tallahassee Memorial. Dr. Eric Forstoefel is a graduate of the University of Louisville from the School of Medicine and has experience of more than five years. He forms a team of more than 26 doctors who specializes in Critical Care Medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.


Critical Care Medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in diagnosing as well as treating patients who have life threating conditions such as drug overdose, heart attack, massive bleeding or shock. Such doctors can also be referred to as intensivists for the different procedures they conduct. To practice as the critical care medical practitioner, there are some certifications and licensure that you require to have. For the case of Dr. Eric Forthoefel he has received a certificate in Emergency Medicine form the American Board of Emergency Medicine, he also holds an LA State Medical License and FL State Medical License. To meet Dr. Eric, it is easy since you are just a phone call away to book an appointment. The offices of Dr. Eric are strategically positioned within the central business district. Notably, it is convenient for patients with their cars who need parking since it is adequately provided. After the arrival at the office of Dr. Eric, the receptionists are friendly and professionals making you feel comfortable as you wait for the doctor. The services offered by Dr. Eric are of high quality ensuring that all your health needs are addressed. When the need arises for the patient to be admitted for more observation and treatment, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare provides the facilities.