The Global Expansion of OSI Group

In the world of entrepreneurship, what matters most is the ability to identify potential where it lies. Well, as for OSI Group, it is a company that deals in the retail food business. Regarding the retail food business, OSI Group has been noted as being among the leading food service providers. Nevertheless, as much as OSI has been able to carve a name for itself in the industry, it is good to note that the company has always engaged in various practices that have led to its current success rate.

Background Data

Initially, OSI Group started out as a small butcher shop that was established by Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago, Illinois back at the beginning of the 20th century. As a butcher shop that was launched with the sole aim of serving the Chicago community at large, it fared well.After some years, the sons of Otto were fully grown. As a result, Otto saw it fit to introduce them to the food services industry. The family transitioned into a family business, and it was thereby renamed to Otto & Sons; this specific transition took place in 1928.

Additional Information

In business, provision of quality products and customer satisfaction is of great importance. Since Otto & Sons met this conditions when serving their clientele, they were able to attract the McDonald’s entity to becoming their client. The McDonald’s restaurant was in turn satisfied by the quality of products and service provided by Otto & Sons. As a result, they were able to enter into a long-term engagement.Since the food industry is quite lucrative, as the McDonald’s enterprise grew, so did Otto & Sons since they were the primary supplier of meat products to the fast food entity. The rapid growth of McDonald’s led to Otto & Sons soliciting for ways in which they would be able to preserve their products while still maintaining the quality and freshness of the meat. Luckily, the flash freezing concept came about during the 1960’s. The flash freezing technique involved the use of liquid nitrogen to preserve fresh produce by keeping it in a frozen state.


The symbiosis that existed between the McDonald’s and Otto & Sons was quite advantageous. McDonald’s grew eventually, and they were able to launch various outlets across the foreign waters. Otto & Sons later rebranded as OSI Group, and they followed suit. Well, the global expansion of OSI Group was a remarkable move, and they have still maintained their positive reputation since they are still ranked as being among the leading foodservice providers globally.