How EOS Lip Balm is Changing the Way Women View the Beauty Aisle

EOS Lip Balm has been wooing customers since 2007. It’s no surprise that so many women are drawn to the product upon entering the beauty aisle in their favorite drug store or supermarket. The colorful containers with lip balm, some primary colors and many in pastel, are now an eye-popping item for ladies looking for lip balm. Their marketing tactic? The Evolution of Smooth is just one thing that draws attention, but it’s also the true smooth feeling of the product on their lips.

The lip balm is packaged in colorful orbs, and they have become a symbol of beauty and self-care over the last decade. What is it that caused this lip balm to surpass household names like Chapstick and Blistex in the beauty marketplace? The founders of the company, Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller, are saying that they attribute this to early market research. They say that overall, it’s their upkeep on the activity in the marketplace that is to praise for the results. The ever-evolving beauty marketplace is one they have to continue to adapt to. Their ability to do this is the key to their big wins.

Looking at all the brands that were in existence prior to their launch, they noticed that they were all the same. The need was there to be unique, and they believed that their product was just the trick to changing the game for lip balm, and how they made it more attractive. Asking the consumer what they wanted and needed was what helped them dominate the market. Teller, the most outspoken of the two founders, has eluded to the fact that due to his competitors lazy nature, they were able to find a hole in the market and capture it.

Today, EOS lip balm is sold globally, and it’s still seeing the endcaps in many stores these days.