Rocketship Education

Soaring To College With Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is preparing students for college and beyond. Home based in San Jose, CA, Rocketship has been around since 2006. Here at Rocketship, they are raising the minds of elementary students in low income communities who do not get the advantages of a quality education. Their college preparatory three pillar learning plan is what keeps students on the right path to excellence.

The journey to college begins in kindergarten is what Rocketship Education believes. Every student deserves a good education and a chance to attend a four year college, and at Rocketship Education this is their goal. Propelling student to better opportunities and providing them with the tools they need to exceed expectations is what makes these schools exceptional.

Rocketship Education helps each student find his or her true potential. They have an unbelievable track record for serving low income communities. Over 75% of their students speak the Spanish language as their native tongue while English is their secondary language. Most of the student body participates in the free lunch program. With schools averaging 450 students per year, Rocketship Education is raising the bar for other public schools.

This non-profit organization is eliminating the gap in disadvantaged communities that do not get the tools and funding needed to deliver a higher quality education. In order for students to achieve greatness a solid, stable foundation is important and necessary in the elementary years. Building confidence helps students with their social and emotional skills and in return improves the academic performance of each child. Rocketship Education takes pride in this and the results show that Rocketship students rank in the top 10% among all the other districts in California. Students excelled in math and ELA over other students in similar backgrounds. And as a result returning Rocketship alumni are advanced a year ahead of their classmates, placing Rocketship Education students at the head of the class.