The History Between OSI Group and McDonald’s Franchise

The OSI Group began making history for itself over a century ago. What started as a small German butchery evolved into one of the leading food suppliers in the world. Today, the OSI Company is among the companies utilizing technological innovation, and grander customer relations to provide to its esteemed meat lovers.

The Prehistory of the OSI Group

The history of the OSI Group founds on a foreigner’s journey to the American land. As the 20th century dawned, Otto Kolschowsky had already gained membership to the great Chicago German-immigrant society. At the time, people from German origins occupied over a quarter of the city’s population. Chicago was then a thriving city for immigrants because of being a suitable entry point. At the time, it was also one of the industrial centers.

Otto Kolschowsky opened his first butcher shop and retail market within two years of arrival in the United States. By the time the First World War was ceasing, Otto had advanced to wholesale sales in business. Within another decade in 1928, Otto rebranded to Otto & Sons as is the norm with most family-based businesses.

Otto & Sons remained stable as a local business all through till the flak of World War 2. Back then, the company was small, yet essential to the American society. The postwar economic expansion was another significant period for Otto & Sons. During this period most new suburban areas began to sprout. It was from here that an alliance between two obscure family businesses started.

McDonald’s Story

In 1955, Ray Croc launched the first McDonald restaurant in Plaines, Illinois. Ray was serving as a franchise agent for Californian couple Maurice and Richard McDonald. Richard and Maurice were the founders of the family restaurant started in 1940.

Kroc first entered into a deal with Arthur and Harry (Otto Kolschowsky’s sons). Arthur and Harry were going to become the franchise’s fresh ground beef supplier. When Ray Kroc topped to CEO, Otto & Sons joined the company, and up to date the company still does business together.

Later, Otto & Sons changed its name to the OSI Group. Still, the company continued to hold business ties with McDonald’s franchise. As McDonald’s diversified, the OSI followed suit. Today, OSI Group is one of the leading meat providers worldwide.

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