Eric Lefkofsky-Bloomberg Interview Recap

Eric Lefkofsky recently interviewed with Bloomberg about his ventures into Cancer Research and other ventures taken through his expansive business experience. For background, Eric is currently the founder and CEO of Tempus. He has served as CEO of Lightbank, a venture company investing in disruptive technology business. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, a well known global e-commerce internet service that provides discounted prices for users. In addition to this resume, Eric has also served as co-founder of Uptake Technologies, a predictive analysis company for some of the world’s leading industrial organizations; Mediaocean, a provider of integrated media procurement; Echo Global Logistics, a transportation and logistics outsourcing firm, and InnerWorkings, a global solution for print materials.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the business mogul describes how he has started a cancer research firm after his wife was diagnosed. After 3 years, the company is worth $2 billion. Eric describes how his ventures into business have the objective of pursuing the highest in human achievement and capability. He has a strong belief that business, lead by intelligent people, will achieve the impossible by providing solutions to problems that had plagued the human race for as long as time can remember.

As the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, he sought to resolve economic downturn issues by finding and providing discounts for users who normally could not afford the items offered on other sites. It’s important to remember the human potential in everything Eric does, as he says in the interview. His concern for the common person leads him to an understanding of the human plight, and how those changes can motivate a person to improve their life and walk further into a destination that they create for themselves. Eric Lefkofsky believes strongly in philanthropy, establishing the Eric Lefkofsky Foundation benefiting children of disease and impoverished conditions.

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