Ryan Seacrest. Host & Budding Media Mogul

What you know is that Ryan Seacrest is the host of American Idol, which is making it’s return to television in Spring 2018. What you don’t know is that Ryan Seacrest is also a producer, philanthropist, and creative entrepreneur.

Seacrest is most well known for hosting the music competition series, which has moved to ABC. He is also a radio host of his drive-time show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The show, in Los Angeles is nationally syndicated. In addition, Ryan Seacrest hosts the nationally syndicated Top 40 Radio Show. He is also a diverse and award-winning entrepreneur in the fields of media and entertainment.

His production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions produces many shows for various networks and platforms. Some of their most popular productions include; Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I Love Kellie Pickler, Shades of Blue, and Insatiable. RSP has won Emmy’s for their efforts.

Aside from the mic and TV screens, Ryan Seacrest has a menswear clothing line, exclusively with Macy’s, and a line of men’s skin care products that are partnered by Dr. Harold Lancer, a globally known dermatologist.

Seacrest also dabbles in philanthropy, with his Ryan Seacrest Foundation. There is a lot of focus on youth-oriented campaigns, and has been recognized as having a nationwide impact. The foundation is intent on opening broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals around the country. They currently have opened 10 such locations. While not his own company, Ryan Seacrest also is a member of the board at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Grammy Foundation also recognizes him as an honorary chair.

From television and radio host, to fashion, art, and media production, there is more to Ryan Seacrest than the average person realizes.