Rocketship The Leader In Public Charter Schools

Rocketship Public Schools is a chain of very successful charter schools and you can find these schools and states such as California, Milwaukee, Tennessee, and Washington DC. These charter schools were founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. The school did not officially open its doors until 2007 in San Jose California. The name of this location was Mateo Sheedy Elementary School. As Rocketship Public Schools started to grow it has received support from Andre Agassi, Netflix, the Obama Administration, and the US education department. This support is not just mental support but these entities have donated financially as well. Rocketship Public Schools focuses on providing individualized learning and small group tutoring to underprivileged kids. The school is also trying to eliminate the achievement gap for children from low-income families.

Rocketship Public Schools do not just benefit low-income students but the school also gives new graduate teachers an opportunity for employment. The young teachers have the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience but they also have the chance to impact a child’s life in a major way. One teacher on the Rocketship Public Schools website mentioned that she enjoys the challenge of helping kids who struggle. The teachers and other staff members at Rocketship Public Schools work closely with each other and support each other on this mission of providing education. The new teachers that are employed by Rocketship Public Schools receive mentoring and coaching needed for them to succeed. Rocketship Public Schools also offers growth and promotion to its young teachers. You can get promoted from a learning specialist to a stem teacher with dedication and hard work. If you are really thriving and making the difference an individual can find themselves in a principal or assistant principles roll. See more here.

Rocketship Public Schools does not only benefit the community and low-income families but it also benefits young teachers by giving them mentorship, a stable work environment, and room for advance.

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