Guilherme Paulus Talks about His Success and His Motivation for Working Hard

Guilherme Paulus is amongst the richest Brazilians and is the founder of the largest tour and travel firm in Latin America by the name of CVC Brazil. The career of Guilherme Paulus went through many ups and downs before he was able to taste the success that he enjoys today. The first job that he took was working as a programmer at IBM, and later through sheer luck, he met with the state deputy during a trip that gave birth to the idea of starting a tour company. It is how CVC Brazil came into existence, and for the first four years, he was partners with the state deputy Carlos Vicente in running the company before managing it alone.

Guilherme Paulus said in an interview recently that he has used technology as a tool to take the company to new heights and it has worked wonderfully for him and the company. Starting from one location in Sao Paulo, the company has many store locations across Latin America, and many others are in the pipeline. He is also the President of GJP Hotels and Resorts, one of the most successful chains of hotels in the country with twenty locations at the moment. Even though it is a relatively new group of hotels, it has been able to win the hearts of the customers with its hospitality. The guidance provided by Guilherme Paulus has proven to be highly useful for his companies, which has helped them achieve new benchmarks in their respective fields.

Guilherme Paulus was once asked in an interview about the way that he becomes more productive. He answered that he wants to be as close the operations of his hotels as possible. It allows him to understand the system and know exactly what is going wrong and rectify it before it turns bad. As an entrepreneur, he feels that it is his duty to be involved in day-to-day operation of his company so that it can remain profitable and provide the customers with the service that they are looking for from such a well-known and famous country all around the world.

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