Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares

Stream Energy, a Dallas based energy company, has set up its own charitable section called Stream Cares. Stream Energy has been helping in Texas for years, but now they have an official philanthropic wing of their company. It started after Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy saw the devastation that occurred, and the company felt a need to give back to the communities that it serves.

Stream Cares focuses on the Dallas and Texas area, but it does charitable work across the country. When people in the community see that Stream Energy has set up its own charity, it lets them know that the company sees them as more than just customers. Stream Energy is part of a culture of generosity in America, although Texas itself is not one of the better states as far as giving to charity. Stream Energy offers fixed rate energy for its associates. Those associates know their communities, and they are often involved in where Stream Cares does its charity work.

Stream Cares has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, but its most local charity work is with Hope Supply Co. Stream Cares has seen the growing problem with homelessness in Dallas, and one of the company’s efforts is with the children that are affected by it. Stream Cares has put together several events that give children a break from the hardships of homelessness. Stream Cares does more than give money. The employees of the company take their time to help out at the events.

The employees recently took kids out to a water park. It was the first time many of the children had been to one. Stream Cares has also taken veterans and their children out to events, and recently it took ten daughters of veterans to the American Girl Doll Experience.