Richard Liu- JD Corporate

One of the most successful internet enterpaneous hailing from China is Richard Liu aka Liu Qiangdong. Educational background is Renmin University of China obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Additionally, Liu earned an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. Liu is the founder and CEO of in 2004, also known as Jingdong Mall.

After a career in the retail industry, Liu envisioned a future as an online presence in selling quality merchandise and delivering it to the populace the day of purchase or at the latest the next day. Liu’s e-commerce industry site took off, proving ongoing increasing profitability and success. This successful e-commerce site rose in 2018 to over a 12 billion dollar worth.

Recent reports are that the core of’s functions will be handed over to trusting executives to run the bulk of this company, as Liu may go forward with upcoming plans for new business ventures in 2018.