Malcolm CasSelle Leads The Cryptocurrency Vision

Malcolm CasSelle has prominently managed many multi-national video digital industry ventures including:

  • MediaPass
  • SeaChange International
  • Timeline Labs
  • Tronc, Inc.
  • Xfire

Mr. CasSelle was one of the earlier entrepreneurs to invest in the initial stages of Facebook and Zynga Inc, a video game service, as well as other new online media enterprises which started using bitcoin as their top cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT including a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Malcolm was born in Pennsylvania, but he is well versed in Mandarin and Japanese.

He has an acute knowledge of computer science technology which led to lucrative careers in varying digital media enterprises. Presently, he is the CIO of OPSkins and the President of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX).

OPSkins is a global online marketplace where users can use WAX tokens. OPSkins has millions of users who are purchasing items like video game products with the cryptocurrency tokens in online virtual marketplace environments.

WAX tokens allow users to buy and sell in a virtual forum without any payment processing procedures and within a secure infrastructure using immediate blockchain and transactional verification technology.

Mr. CasSelle used the success of OPSkins to create WAX which allows the cryptocurrency trading to also apply outside the gaming forums.

Mr. CasSelle reports that OPSkins and WAX receives new users every month accumulating into millions of dollars weekly.

Due to the popularity of OpSkins and WAX, Malcolm said that he envisions cryptocurrencies like tokens and bitcoin to be a part of daily buying and selling transactions.

With global users WAX tokens are not the only currency which can be used. Other currencies like the U.S. dollars, Euros, or credit card are also accepted on the online marketplace site.

However, Mr. CasSelle has grown the buying and selling marketplace with its own online WAX tokens allowing gamers and traders to buy and sell in security, ease, and fun.

Malcolm CasSelle has developed OpSkins to be the first online e-commerce forum for people to buy and sell digital products using bitcoin currency that can be conveyed into personal accounts and which helps to prevent fraud.