How Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines Has Been Successful In Business

As the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson took over a family business with a rich tradition in the winery business. Her company has a number of successful wine brands and has vineyards in countries around the world with the ability to grow grapes that can be used to grow fantastic wine. The company she leads is best known for Kendall-Jackson but that is just a small part of what they produce to the enjoyment of their fans and customers and more information click here.

In order to prepare for her eventual leadership of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson went to Scripps College in order to earn a degree. After earning her degree in studio art at this college she then attended Stanford Graduate School of Business where she successfully completed a general management certificate program. This enabled her to join the company first as its spokesperson and then as the head of the company.

Under Julia Jackson’s leadership, her company Jackson Family Wines produces a number of different wine brands. Among these is Château Lassègue which is produced in France as well as Tenuta di Arceno which is grown in a historically rich part of Tuscany in Italy. They have groves of grapes around the world in wine producing nations such as South Africa, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, and North America.

As socially responsible people, Julia Jackson and her sister established a charity organization called Cambria Seeds to Empowerment. It is hard for women to break into the executive levels of corporations in general but especially in the wine industry in which they work. This organization was created to recognize financially those women who have achieved great things regardless of that and have overcome the adversity that they face. Each year this charity grants $100,000 in cash to one woman who has been an inspiration in accomplishing something great and learn more about Julia Jackson.

Advocating For the Rights of the Migrants

The immigrants are also human, and some groups fight for them to be treated as they deserve. One such group is The Advocates for Human Rights. This is a group whose primary mission is to ensure that the international human rights standards have been implemented. This will then make sure that the society has followed the rule of law.

The institution has been able to involve some volunteers to do their research, to educate and for advocacy. Therefore, it has managed to build some broad constituencies in the U.S. and also the global communities.

The Advocates for Human Rights was established in the year 1963. As the institution was beginning, it only had a small group of lawyers. These lawyers were able to see the unique spirit that Minnesota had for social justice. A first, the attorneys came up with Minnesota Lawyers International Human Rights Committee. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey:

This committee was established so as the members and the public would get an education on the issues of human rights. They would then be able to support and promote the efforts of lawyers found all over the world.

In 1992, the organization was able to change its name to Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. Later, in 2008, the firm wanted to have a better reflection of how much they were hoping they could promote the human rights. They, therefore, changed their name to The Advocates for Human rights.

The organization has some principles that they follow to guide them as they struggle to fight for the rights of every human. They are hoping to develop some practical, creative and sustainable strategies that will help them to protect the rights of the people.

Lacey and Larkin are committed to being agile and can quickly adapt to the changes in the methods that they use. They also try to use the resources they have efficiently and retain every employee that is committed and talented.

Another group that advocates the rights of the immigrants is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. This is an organization that was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two were reporters. They were able to establish the Phoenix New Times.

The money that they received from a settlement case they had is what they dedicated to beginning this organization. The two arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on October 18th the year 2007.

They were arrested at night from their homes. This was because they had revealed some grand jury proceedings and the existence of this jury. The jury demanded that the two to give any articles that they had that covered the Sheriff.

They also demanded to know the citizens who had subscribed to read the online articles from the New Times. The two sued the county for being harassed in this way. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

The settlement gave them a total of 3.75 million dollars. The Fund that they started aims at supporting the groups that fight for the human, civil, and also the migrants’ rights. They also support the organizations that advocate for the freedom of speech.

Equities First Holding’s Enormous Growth

In the quest of making their offices accessible and expanding to accommodation to their customers, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd relocated its Melbourne office to a more convenient place. The new office which is located at Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 is expected to accommodate the fast growing number of customers they are experiencing and read full article.

In Australia, Equities First Holding has three offices in the heart of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. However, the firm has not only restricted itself in Australia as it has other offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Thailand and its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA and what Equities First Holdings knows.

Equities First Holdings LLC has been a global leader in alternative financing solution and lender for a long time. As it is being approached by more and more clients, the move of the Australian firm moving to a more accessible place is good for their business. This step proves that Equities First Holdings is looking to keep their position as the leading in the market.


About Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holding provides lending services for individuals and businesses based on the future value and risk of stocks, bonds and treasuries. The company gives capital to its clients against publicly traded stocks. This way the clients can achieve their goals. The capital that is offered by Equities First Holdings has low-interest rate and that makes it the best company to turn to. Since being founded the firm has done over seven hundred transactions worth over $1.4 billion.



Equities First Holdings comes to the rescue of many firms during harsh economic environment. It is the best partner when you need to get a stock-based loan to provide a hedge against problems and solutions through loans, especially during tough economic times when market keeps fluctuating. Furthermore, the capital offered is fast working; a client does not have to wait for long to get the money and its Website.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent companies working in the financial market. For the company, nothing gives them more honor than to become part of the solution to those who are entitled to get better business capabilities in a way that is not recognized in the business industry. For this reason, no one is better in business than those who are working to attain business management capabilities that are related to financial issues. A company has its financial department protected with most resources because it runs through this arena. Therefore, more money is always channeled in this category of management.

For those borrowers who need fast working capital, they must seek more innovative structures that can develop their business platform in a manner that has no prediction in the industry. The harsh economic crisis has led to the massive adoption of the stock-based loans. During this time, many companies and individuals seeking loans end up looking for ways to issue their stocks and secure the non-fluctuating interest rates in the market. During the harsh economic crisis, banks and other companies dealing in the issuance of fast money through credit have their loan qualification methods tightened. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business management in a way that is not paralleled in the industry and what Equities First knows.

Credit-based loans, during the harsh economic times, are characterized by high-interest rates to scare away most applicants. During these times, better business management is always associated with capital entities. For the money-seekers who seek fast money, they must attain their end of the bargain by looking for innovative ways to secure capital for business and project development. However, the harsh economic crisis can be cut down through the use of stocks as collateral to secure loans from Equities First Holdings. Equities First Holdings is also in the category of trusted companies dealing in the issuance of fast working capital in a manner that is not characterized in the industry. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, they can consider using stocks to secure fast money from Equities First Holdings and read full article.

Hussain Sajwani’s Success In Entrepreneurship

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent UAE national. He is well known for his business exploits in the real estate industry. He is the chairman and founder of an international property development company, DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC owner is a graduate of the University of Washington. After graduating, he started his career by working as a contracts manager for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary, GASCO. Read more:Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and Hussain Sajwani | Newksira

Hussain Sajwani served in the corporation for a short time before instituting his own venture, a food business in 1982. He worked with different people across the world, including the Gulf, Bosnia, and Somalia. Hussain Sajwani’s catering company worked closely with leading American companies like Bechtel. Notably, the business is still part of the DAMAC Group’s operations. This company serves as a reminder of his first business.

He is among the first businessmen to pioneer Dubai’s property market expansion. In the 90s, Hussain Sajwani built a number of hotels to accommodate the people who were coming to the emirates to trade. In 2002, Sajwani identified a market opportunity and incorporated DAMAC Properties. The firm is regarded as one of the premier property development companies in the Middle East.

His know-how in property development ranges from marketing, finance, sales, and administration. His transformative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of the company. Presently, the company is undertaking multiple projects in the major cities of the world, including Doha, Dubai, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, London, Riyadh, and Jeddah. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

His firm has a workforce of 2,000 employees. Additionally, its shares are traded on the Dubai Financial Market. The publicly listed corporation has a remarkable record of success in luxury property development. To date, DAMAC Properties has delivered more than 16,800 homes.

The shrewd businessman has made huge success in the international equity and financial markets. Notably, Hussain Sajwani has partnered with President Donald Trump, long before he became president, to establish two golf courses.

The first golf course, The Trump International Golf Course Dubai, was opened in February 2017. The two real estate experts have a close relationship that extends beyond their businesses.

Both families maintain cordial relations. In his New Year eve speech, President Trump said that Hussain Sajwani family are the most beautiful people. Hussain Sajwani intends to do more business with the Trumps, through his children, as working with the president will amount to conflict of interest.


Flavio Maluf Says The United Kingdom’s Exit From The European Union Is Creating Opportunities For Brazil

The world went into a state of shock in June 2016. That’s when the U.K. decided to exit the European Union. No one was sure what would happen to the U.K. or to the European Union after this monumental vote on But it’s clear now. Brexit is not having the economic impact on the U.K. that many people predicted. Before the referendum was passed, many economists predicted a bleak outcome for the U.K., but that forecast hasn’t materialized. Britain’s economy grew by more than expected during the last three months of 2016. The Gross Domestic Product rate increased by 0.7 percent, thanks in part to the manufacturing sector at But business investment fell by one percent during the fourth quarter of 2016.

The good news for countries like Brazil is, Britain is trying to boost trade with non-European Union countries and Brazil is one of them, according to Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the president of Eucatex, one of Brazil’s leading export companies. Eucatex manufacturers building supply materials and sells them globally. According to Maluf, the U.K. has bilateral trade agreements with Brazil in place right now. Those agreements amount to more than £5.1 billion, but the British government is not happy with the high taxes they pay Brazil. Brazil’s new president is trying to cut through the red tape and change the tax code, so Brazil can increase the amount of business it does with the U.K., according to Maluf on LinkedIn.

Flavio Maluf is used to cutting through red tape in Brazil. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s shining stars when it comes to instigating environmentally friendly practices in the manufacturing sector of the economy. Eucatex is also a good example of what a startup can do when they sell products that consumers like. Maluf’s grandfather started the company in the state of Sao Paulo in the 1950s, and the company only had one product to offer consumers. That product was a eucalyptus wood ceiling tile, and it was a game changer. By the early 1960s, Eucatex was shipping wood ceiling tiles to Argentina, and to Europe. Today, Eucatex is one of the largest, and most environmentally friendly building material supply companies in the industry.