Success Academy’s Approach to Learning Leads to Higher Scores

The unique methods that Success Academy schools use are contributing to the high grades and high test scores that students of the schools achieve. The charter school network has 41 Success Academy schools through out New York City, in all boroughs except for Staten Island. The schools range from elementary to high school. The unique learning approach of the school starts from the beginning, at the elementary school level.


Because the schools function as one system, information about students is transmitted seamlessly across the juncture of elementary school to middle school, and again from middle school to high school. The teachers and administrators believe that in order to best prepare a student for college and life, the preparation should start the minute the student enters into elementary school. The staff uses a holistic approach, and is sure to consider social-welfare as an integral part to education.



Within the Success Academy schools, there is a focus on not only knowledge but also critical thinking. The teachers are trained to help their students think for themselves, and develop a sense of independence and ownership over their education. As this begins for a child, the teachers and staff collaborate to share information about a students abilities, successes, challenges, and learning styles as they move from one grade to the next.


A student is expected to develop a level of self-advocacy as they advance in their educational career. A sense of self-advocacy can be an important trait to develop, but is often shut down in environments that do not nurture it. For this reason, SA schools encourage the scholars to speak up and advocate for themselves and others. This valuable skill has been shown to contribute to success in college and beyond. The Success Academy values and learning models are unique, and so far they have been proving to be very effective. The school’s test score ratings are high within the New York State system of ranking. As word about the unique learning model spreads, more and more families apply for spots within the school system. The school plans to open two new locations within New York City this year.



Understanding Avaaz and Its Global Responsibilities

Avaaz is a rights organization established in January 2007 to advocate on various issues like human rights, poverty, corruption, conflict, animal rights and also climate change. The Guardian, a very popular print media around the world regards Avaaz as the largest activist network globally. The organization is based in the United States and was co-founded by Res Publica. Res Publica is a group of professionals in different fields who were interested in promoting good leadership and inclusive democracy.

Leadership at Avaaz

Ricken Patel serves as the executive director and president of Avaaz. The Canadian-British citizen studied at Oxford University, Bristol College for a degree in PPE (politics, philosophy, economics). Later, Ricken did his postgraduate in Public Policy at Harvard University. The executive of Avaaz previously worked for International Crisis Group in different parts of the world such as Liberia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Sudan. These areas were faced with conflict when Ricken worked there, and he learnt how to engage with rebel forces and agree to negotiate with authority or other rebels.

Funding of Avaaz

Since 2009, Avaaz rejected to be funded with amounts exceeding $5,000 from companies and foundations. Instead, the organization relies on generous donations from individual members who have so far contributed more than $20 million. Prior to 2009, the organization relied on various foundations to fund its start-up and operational costs.

Global Campaigns of Avaaz

The global campaigns of the organization are overseen by a group of campaigners from 30 plus nations including UK, Brazil, Lebanon, India, and many more. The campaigners communicate with other members via emails, where they use available online platforms to advocate for various rights being violated. The organization uses its members to champion for different campaigns, while being supported and guided by groups of specialists. Basically, the objective of Avaaz is to support progressive causes like advocating for global support for migrants and refugees.

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Process to be Followed When Buying Real Estate Property in Miami

Investing in real estate, whether it is a personal home or rental property is seen by many as a smart investment move. However, for it to be as beneficial as many people claim it can be, one has to perform their due diligence when looking for property. The property market in Miami has been getting better over the past few years and currently, it is possible to buy very good property at an affordable cost. For this to happen, you will need the assistance of competent real estate agents such as Samuel Strauch.

There are other steps that need to be followed for the process to be successful. After you have consulted with Samuel Strauch, he will advise you on the steps to follow when investing. He will start by looking into the sources of finances that you have to support your investment. He can either help you or get you someone that can help you calculate your credit score so that they can see how much money you qualify for as mortgage. In case there are things that are making it impossible for you to get a good score, they will advice you on how to improve it.

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Samuel Strauch will then show you the property that is available under him. He will organize the process of viewing for you. He will also submit data about the suitability of the property, valuation and details about the previous title holders to you if you take keen interest on a particular property.

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When closing the deal, Samuel Strauch will make sure that all the documents have been vetted and verified. He will also assist you with the processes that may seem a little bit confusing and make sure that you do now make mistakes with the entire process. In short, with his assistance, your entire real estate transactions will be carried out perfectly.

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