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Securus Technologies Changed Officer Routines in Prison

As far back as I can remember when I began working as a corrections officer for the prison system in New Mexico, my day consisted of routines that would help to maintain a degree of order and safety for all. Not only am I trying to keep myself safe, but I have to be watching

Do Clients who use Securus Have Positive reviews about them?

Securus Technologies is an inmate telecommunications company which was established in 1986 to serve the growing monitoring and other communication needs of the correctional facilities. When the company started, they found an environment that was ruled by chaos, dismal service delivery, and disastrous customer support. However, they have managed to turn the situation around and

The Securus Solution to Visitation

Engineers at Securus Technologies have been creating patents and coming up with great software resolutions for years. This is a company that targets the prison system and ways that can improve technology inside of the prisons. This company has been around for years, but I did not become familiar with Securus until last year.  

How Securus Technologies Helped a Prison Control Drug Problems

The jail that I work for has taken a proactive stance on drugs in recent years like I have never seen before. Even since the no tolerance policy was implemented, it seems like even more drugs are in the jail than I can ever remember. I have been working at the visitor center and checking