End Citizens United’s Road to Finance Reform

On January 21, 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a difficult decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee. The case initially began with what seemed like a simple question: “Should Citizens United be allowed to air a film critical of Hilary Clinton so close to election day?” The Bipartisan Campaign

Chamber Honors Ricardo Guimarides, President of Banco BMG

Originally published on the Camara Municipal website, see: https://www.cmbh.mg.gov.br/comunica%C3%A7%C3%A3o/not%C3%ADcias/2016/11/c%C3%A2mara-homenageia-presidente-do-banco-bmg-2 Businessman and President of BMG, Ricardo AnnesGuimarães, a native of Belo Horizonte, received the diploma of Honor to Merit from City Hall, on April 18, at the request of councilman Daniel Nepomuceno (PSB). LéoBurguês de Castro (PSDB), President of the House, opened the ceremony before transferring

NewsWatch TV; Going Where few News Programs Have Gone Before

NewsWatch TV is the award winning news broadcast series that has continued airing for a consecutive twenty eight years in March of 2018. The long running series reports on a variety of news worthy subjects as well as upcoming consumer products, advancing technology, and non profit organization information. The show is made up of one

Securus Technologies Changed Officer Routines in Prison

As far back as I can remember when I began working as a corrections officer for the prison system in New Mexico, my day consisted of routines that would help to maintain a degree of order and safety for all. Not only am I trying to keep myself safe, but I have to be watching

Michael Lacey is a Renowned American Mathematician

In life, change is inevitable and so are numbers. In your day to day activities, you will be encountered by scenarios requiring various measures in terms of quantities, structures, qualities or even evaluation of space we live in. Accuracy is very key therefore, to have the parameters right. It is for this reason that mathematics

Josh Smith: Reno, Nevada, Entrepreneur/Advocate Aims to Inspire Kids’ Passion for Health and Sustainability

Seventh-grade student-gardeners at High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada, recently got a big surprise: a brand-new modular greenhouse from local entrepreneur Josh Smith, CEO and founder of startup Modular Greenhouses, and from local Great Full Gardens Cafe. Also included in the donation was a $3,200 check for planters, seeds, and soil. With Smith’s help, the

Healthcare In Sussex County

Do you need help caring for an older relative or relatives? Do you know someone who is struggling with dementia? Maybe you know someone that suffers from neurological issues or some other brain injury? Or perhaps you know someone that suffers from profound multiple learning disabilities? (PMLD) There are people that can help you, and

What is Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund?

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin happen to have been the most famous American journalists who have founded Village Voice Media. They have also been seen exposing the illnesses in the governments of the day. The paper mostly publishes content for the people living in Arizona state and especially those from Maricopa County. The states are

Sheldon Lavin Still Leading OSI Group at 81

After a long career in investment banking, Sheldon Lavin became CEO of OSI Group in 1974. Today, the company is the largest supplier of fast food and food service products in the world. OSI Group has over 20,000 global employees. Lavin says the secret of his company’s workforce longevity is that it’s extremely family-oriented. In