An inside look at one of the most influential individuals in finance, Randal Nardone

The transition of Fortress investment group from an average alternative investment firm to a giant in the finance arena is credited to its seasoned leaders, one of them being Randal Nardone. Together with the two other principals and one who retired, as the current Chief executive officer, Randal Nardone has been shepherding the investment company […]

M Patrick Carroll Prospect of Redefining the Real Estate sector

M Patrick Carroll is a household name in the real estate investment and management scope. The individual cultivated his professional background working for Atlanta-based clothing as a representative. During this time, he anticipated pursuing a career in the real estate segment. The dynamic entrepreneur flaunts building a remarkable business knowledge base working with various companies. […]

IOA CEO Heath Ritenour Illustrates Insurance Awareness for Landlords

Residential property renting is associated with certain financial risks. In case of an appliance breakage or occurrence of structural failures, the landlord takes up the financial burden. In the absence of a landlord insurance policy, the property owners can relish some extra peace and safety against financial losses and liabilities. IOA’s CEO, Heath Ritenour sees […]