Manage The Supply Chain: You Need The New Cloud Inventory’s Version

Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International helps create accurate and consistent records of work orders, and uses geo-location software and machine learning to enable real-time supply chain visibility. The key to creating the perfect solution for their organization was to keep in touch with the needs and expectations of the business while incorporating technology that […]

IM Academy Teaches Forex Trading

IM Academy is an online provider that impacts its clients with skills necessary in Forex trading. It has tailored educational products that target students at different levels. For instance, it has a program for new students and experienced ones who want to invest in startups. The online provider uses live interactive study sessions backed by […]

The Coding Prodigy: Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes is the CEO, chairman, and owner of Hughes Marino. Jason has been on a mission to help companies grow their businesses since he graduated from college with his Masters in Computer Science. His company’s motto is “grow your business with technology”, which sums up his attitude towards helping companies succeed. Jason Hughes was […]

ZeroAvia: The Future of Zero-Emission Aviation

ZeroAvia’s mission is to improve global air travel and significantly reduce the impact on the environment. It will lead the way to a future where people fly without having to worry about fueling their aircraft or whether the infrastructure is up to scratch. ZeroAvia will make air travel accessible and affordable for everyone and will […]