Distinguished Works of Gary McGaghey

Being a Chief Financial Officer during these unstable times can tend to be very hectic. The Covid -19 pandemic destabilized the economy leading to changing taxing policies, inflation, low talents in the market, and pricing pressures. The discovery of a vaccine was set to normalize things but the emergence of Covid variants has threatened to […]

 A Detailed Evaluation of How a Professional Banker Perceives Market for Supply Chain and Logistics Tech

Regardless of the complexity in investment banking, understanding the technology applied in supply chain and logistics is tough. Jason Russell, PJ Solomon’s head in charge of Software and Industrial affairs said that finding the right folks is one of the issues to deal with. Jason is familiar with the industry thanks to his record in […]

Alex Pissios Makes a New Move

Alex Pissios Shares A World of Wizdom An influential figure in Chicago’s film and television industry has joined the Wizdom team. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios’ previous CEO Alex Pissios has joined the production as among its Executive Producers. Founded by Alex Pissios and his family, Cinespace has grown into the biggest production company in the […]

Rachel Nichols’ Journalism Career 

Rachel Nichols is America’s former top sports reporter and anchor. She is a former journalist at CNN, ESPN, and other recognized media houses and has been an influential woman in the sports sector. Her work largely contributed to commentary, exclusive reporting, and analysis of major sports stories on the network. She also hosted primetime specials […]

IM Academy Is Offering Verifiable Trading Strategies To New Forex Traders

In the forex market, people are looking for organizations that can offer some reliable lessons on how to undertake forex trading. However, the majority of the organizations in the market have not been offering verifiable trading methods. Only IM Academy has been very proactive in providing some verifiable trading techniques that traders in the industry […]

Steph Korey lists Five Investment Trends in 2022

Steph Korey is a well-known entrepreneur and investor. She is known to fund startups that show promise but find it difficult to get investments. She is also a well-known investment expert and new investors frequently seek her advice before making investments. She has shortlisted five investment trends to consider before making investments.   View this […]