NumbersUSA is at the Forefront of a Major Grassroots Campaign to Reduce Immigration

NumbersUSA is a top-rated grassroots immigration-reduction group that pushes for reducing the number of legal immigrants in the United States to historical levels. The organization was created in 1996 by writer Roy Beck. Beck and his team concluded that permitting the appropriate number of people annually in the United States is essential in preserving the […]

IM Academy

Interested in learning the art of making money with currency trading? IM Academy provides an extensive curriculum to help you learn how to trade currencies in a dynamic environment. The current global economic situation has created new challenges for currency traders. However, the world’s fastest-growing Forex trading academy has developed a way to help you […]

Mirabaud’s Sustainable Art Program

The Sustainable Art Program at Mirabaud is an initiative for employees to support the growth of the art world. Often, the company donates one day of pay to a local non-profit organization, and in return, the organization chooses a company’s artist to be a part of their corporation. Mirabaud then pays the artist and supplies […]

Frances Townsend: Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer of Activision Blizzard

It’s not every day you come across a corporate executive with a background in counterterrorism. Frances Townsend is one such executive, and she has quite an impressive resume. Townsend is currently the Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer of Activision Blizzard. In this role, she oversees all global legal, […]

PosiGen Solar Energy

PosiGen is a solar energy company. It is committed to making renewable energy more accessible and helping homeowners and businesses reduce energy costs. With over two decades of experience in the renewables industry, PosiGen has become one of the most trusted and reliable providers of solar energy solutions.   Their solar offerings include everything from […]

Jason Hope´s Tips for Success

Jason Hope was raised and born in Tempe, where he attended a state university and got his degree in finance. He continued to the W.P. Carey School of Business, where he gained an MBA. However, Jason Hope´s expertise areas have extended far beyond finance and business fields. Jason has worked with organizations like the T […]

Frances Townsend Intelligence

Frances Townsend is an Activision and the executive vice president of corporate affairs at Activision Blizzard. Aki J. Peritz has featured Franc in his new book as he was able to keep the United States away from a terrorist attack in 2006. In that year, the Al -Qaida terrorist group planned a massive attack in […]

Bhanu Choudhrie – The Founder of C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie founded C&C Alpha Group, a private equity company that has played a significant role in emerging markets, especially in real estate, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. It has reinforced its presence globally and played a vital role in the growth of different niche markets. The Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic To be a successful […]