Ideal Image Reviews and Treatments

Ideal Image, the top aesthetics company in North America that has more than 150 locations, can help women struggling with self-image issues. The medically trained, licensed and supervised staff has completed more than 20 million FDA-approved treatments over the last 15 years. Clients receive free consultations and customized treatment plans. Staff can answer any questions and help with paperwork on the day of the appointment.

Ideal Image provides Botox, JuvĂ©derm, Restylane and Voluma treatments. Ultherapy is non invasive and lifts the face. Pain is mostly tolerable, and most patients will see results within three months that will last over one year. Non-invasive intense pulsed light therapy improves complexion and minimizes signs of aging. There is minor discomfort, and clients have to stop tanning and avoid the sun beforehand. People of all ethnicities, genders, and skin and hair colors can get laser hair removal done. Several sessions may be required, and hair will start to fall out from one to three weeks after the first treatment. It takes less than 30 minutes, and there’s minimal discomfort during and after the session for most. Patients will need the treatment area to be shaved and wear proper attire. Ideal Image reviews and customer testimonials are positive.

CoolTone electrically stimulates muscles to build definition. CoolSculpting permanently removes fat and requires no downtime and between one to four sessions. Along with financing options, lifetime guarantee memberships make services affordable. Client reviews show that they are happy with customer service and frequently come back. “I always take advantage of purchasing their packages so I’m stocked up for several visits which ends up saving me money,” said Tera M.