The Accomplishments of Don Manifold

The founder of Manifold Advisory Partners, Don Manifold, is an expert when it comes to acquisitions, mergers, and divestments. Manifold also works at a big South Australian corporate advisory firm, Equity & Advisory, where he serves as the Managing Director and Joint Owner.

Don Manifold started his career in Adelaide, Australia, and thereafter, he went to further his career in other places, including London, Melbourne, and Sydney. Eventually, he returned to Sydney in May 2006. With over thirty years of professional experience, Don spent twenty-five years of his career specializing in corporate finance.

Don has been an advisor to over 50 complete divestments, IPOs, acquisitions, and capital raisings, which all total to over $3 billion. Don has also been involved in evaluations and independent expert reports for corporations, which all amount to over $20 billion.

Don has also worked in different types of industries such as manufacturing, information technology, retail, consumer goods, and agriculture. He has also done business internationally in countries such as Croatia, Melbourne, London, Papua New Guinea, and Sydney.

For over 15 years, Manifold has been instrumental for Manifold Advisory partners and Equity & Advisory due to the expertise he has offered at the senior leadership roles he has served. Manifold has been able to conduct business with some of the most reputable professional service firms. His clients praise him for his proficiency in delivering the expected results.

Some of the high-profile transactions that Don has handled in his career include the acquisition of Adelaide Bank, acquisition of ABB Grain, sale of Powerhealth, and the sale of S.Kidman & Co.

Don Manifold achieved a Bachelor of Economics degree after graduating from Australian Graduate School of Management. Manifold also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration. Manifold also actively supports the Institute of Chartered Accounts; an institution that helps chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia.